Life is Complete

Consider looking at the simplicity of what is going on in your present experience. Not what you think about it, but what your perceptions tell you is happening; what you see, hear, etc. Just this “now experience”. You might recognize that this actual experience is always complete as it is. This is not a lofty mystical vision, it’s self evident, right before you now. And in this recognition, it is seen that thought is only a secondary “color commentary” about what is. Seen clearly, we can be left with the simplicity and completeness of what life IS, just this experience. Perfect balance, requiring nothing, all at peace.


Email About Discrimination and Investigation

Hi Dan,

So I feel like I’m in this body because my sense perceptions are always localised on it. Like I see things from the perspective of my physical eyes, hear from my ears and so on. I can only experience something else in my imagination, like if I close my eyes and imagine being someone or somewhere else but then when I open them I’m automatically back in my body.

And I’m in this particular body. I assume that other people have conscious experience of being in their bodies. It’s weird in a way I can’t describe that I’m in this body at this time and not in another body at another time… it just seems strange because my awareness could have been in any body at any time… but it so happens I’m David in the year 2014. I can’t wrap my head around what that means



Hi David,

It seems like the way this investigative process goes is, we start checking out what is going on here and what we seem to be. Initially we become aware of what we think is the evidence of who or what we are. But because we may not have much skill yet at discriminating between interpretation, or what we THINK about experience, and direct, bare perception of what is actually present, both aspects of experience tend to get jumbled together and can seem the same. In reality however, they are completely different things, like comparing photos of fruit with the fruit itself. Your direct experience has specific characteristics that tell you it’s here, now, in your perceptual senses (seen, heard, touched, etc.) Thoughts about experience of course are just mental constructs that one can get “lost in”, but which have no basis in any of the senses.

This discrimination is very important to clear seeing of reality. Because without it, you can waste alot of time believing you are investigation something when you are just taking an imaginary walk through a thought.

So a good way to approach this is, look at your explanation of what is happening and check if it’s true or not, if the statement is verifiable and evident or an assumption, interpretation or belief. Let’s start with the first part of your statement:

“So I feel like I’m in this body because my sense perceptions are always localised on it. Like I see things from the perspective of my physical eyes, hear from my ears and so on. “

You want to really check this out for accuracy and verify everything about your belief that you are “localized in the body”. Really turn it around and pull it apart and make sure it’s solid and true. Is it true that the sense perceptions are localized on the body? What does that mean exactly, “localized on”? Is that the same as being identical to? Are you the perceptions you speak of or something else? What is the “you”you that sees things from another perspective? Doesn’t that description point out that you are noticing this “I” from somewhere else?

So that’s a little bit of the process I recommend for discovering the answer to your original question about being locked in a body.

From here, it doesn’t occur to me to see myself in a body. The body and mind are really not directly experienced as “containers” of me at all. They are more a bunch of loosely associated, floating appearances within awareness. This isn’t a mystical vision, it’s just clearly seeing what is the case. I recognize that what the “I sense” exists as is constantly changing forms which vanish and reappear.

Take a look, try to lock in on the very core of what you seem to be………….is it constant and clear, or fuzzy and evasive and moving?

And of course, if you are noticing these belief/spatial location/sensation appearances, aren’t you something else?   What might that be?

That’s enough for now, take this approach for a ride and let me know about your experience.


Just What’s There

One way to look at existence is to see it like a self-creating, living organism.   A single organism.   (This is not a new idea).     And this organism, “Life”, “This”, is playing at having people and things present, moving about and interecting.   But at the same time, all value, judgement, meaning, is non existent “in” anything.   There is no actual extra importance within any of these things or people.   They are only what they appear to be and have no “better or worse” significance residing below surface features.    I’m not talking about the wonderful, intricate, complex nature of what is, or the universal substance of things as conscousness (or what ever all this is ultimately made of).   This point doesn’t detract from any of that.    I’m only referring to the imagined “contents”, meaning and essences that can be presumed to inhabit  things.  What Is (Consciousness, Existence, Big Mind, God),  what ever name given this Organism, may give actuality to things, but it does not actually invest in them meaning or value.  It does create the illusion of meaning or value.   But ultimately these impressions of value are  characteristics “outside” a thing, other objects, and flimsy ones at that!   Just take a look at the sense of “importance” something seems to have, like it’s a separate thing alongside the thing “of importance”.   What happens when objects are seen this way?




The simple truth

Simply stated, I don’t believe in a self any longer.
There is no I, no me. That’s it. There’s not much more to write about that.
However, nothing written is really that accurate.
Words are as alien to “what is” as a photograph of a dog is different from the living, breathing, jumping, joyful animal it represents.
But, if we use words lightly,
then the truth drifts through them.
It’s true that I don’t believe in, I don’t see anything substantial in,
I cannot find, a self.
There is simply no self here, or anywhere for that matter.
This is glaringly obvious.
And that, of course, goes for the “me” that writes this.
Dan absolutely and positively is not writing this,
because there is no actual entity called “Dan”.
What is termed “writing” is happening, but it is absurd to suggest a separate entity is doing it.
Really, it’s hardly worth mentioning.

Present Evidence

Real investigation and seeing of reality, inquiry and understanding, must be based on “present evidence”.   Present evidence means:  what is observed or perceived with little or no interpretation or re-presenting through concepts.     Awareness “delivers” present evidence all the time, but then concepts rush in and create overlays on that bare reality.     Reliance on present evidence for information about what is going on, what is in reality, opens the doors of experience beyond conventional ways of thinking to reveal bare reality.   Bare reality presents life in it’s true form, where anything is possible, and “no thing” is fixed or concrete .

And realize, if you rely on beliefs about life, then what you believe about reality is interpretation and assumption in the form of concepts:  projected thought which obscures what is.

In the movement toward bare experience through present evidence, be prepared to have your views shaken up and turned over to reveal the naked truth of existence.