The False Cannot Exist In Light Of Truth

Find out for yourself (pun intended). Look and see, with the best of information, which is your direct experience, if there is a separate “you”. Are you there as a personal “me”? If you are thinking about this, you’ve gone too far. Just look and rely on what is directly evident. Not the idea of a you, which certainly can exist as a thought, but an actual, separate, you. You cannot, nor has anyone ever, found this “self”.

And now, having a clear sense of there being “no self”, what happens to any personal problems? Pick any problem you seem to have and, keeping in mind the truth that there is no separate you, what happens to the problem? Poof! Immediately dissolved. The false cannot tolerate the light of the truth.

Now, if you are a bold soul, you may want to go on and test out your whole story.

Existence is, consciousness is, you are not. There is no you, only This that is.


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