Deep Self Investigation

What is the purpose of deep self investigation? Why would you want to see that you do not exist as you think you do? What value could it have?

The conventional view of life goes something like this: I am an individual moving about among other individuals, things, places, etc. I seem to be separate from the rest of life. I am involved with the world, but am a separate someone. You could say this is the way we’ve been taught that the world is, and specifically what the nature of your relationship is to it. It can seem obvious. You seem to be here, at the center of things, and the rest of life seems to be out there. But it’s worth considering that maybe this is not at all what you are or the way life actually is. Particularly if, as I now propose, this belief in being a separate self experiencing the world is the reason why there is so much suffering in life. Not just personal suffering, but global suffering as well.  Everything from wars between nations to personality issues like depression, excessive fear, paranoia and anxiety disorders seem linked to a sense of “separation”.    And it’s arguable that conflicts between groups: religious, political, ethnic, national, is simply an outgrowth of “psychological issues” which have their birth in this belief in a separate “me”.

But what if there is no separation, no independent “you”?     What if that is the actuality of our experience?    When I say that you are not separate from the world, this is not a statement reflecting “New Age” sentiment like, “we are all connected“, or a “world family”, or even that we are all similar human being, evolved from the same gene pool. I’m also not referring to what is propose by modern physics about observers effecting the observed, or the lack of actual object boundaries on the atomic and sub atomic levels (although this may begin to approach what I’m getting at).

What is being pointed to here is that there is no “you” in the way there seems to be. Deeply investigating the assumptions about what you are (with perhaps a bit of help by way of pointers) reveals this to be so. In other words, it is possible to find this out directly, in this present experience and based on the evidence at hand.

What you find at the end of this investigation is that it’s never been a matter of being separate and then reconnecting to the world. What you are has never been separate because there is no “YOU” here at all, only “All that is”, only what exists, singular and complete from the start, and nothing else.


One thought on “Deep Self Investigation

  1. Robert says:

    I deeply love that new Dan’s post and am pleased to add one or two comments.

    Whether we find beliefs or not, we are actually positioned with that beautifully described conventional life behavior: “I am an individual moving about among other individuals, things, places, etc. I seem to be separate from the rest of life. I am involved with the world, but a separate ‘someone’ to it.” We are or have been conditioned just like our parents and the whole world were (and still likely are). Now, it’s always possible to see the truth, what is true or evident here and now!

    Seeming like we were “the center of things” is another great observation. Can’t we really see that we address the world as if we were at the (its) center? What if we just try, “there is actually no center”?

    Watching for a while the rest of the post “traps” the sense of me… or rather frees it.

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