Life Is Just So …… Strange

I just don’t know what to make of it. Life is just, well, strange! The view from here presents a world that, on the surface, seems like it always was. And yet it is strangely empty, like store and saloon fronts seen side-on in a western movie set. I look directly at them and their appearance is impressive, detailed, real looking. Move a bit to the right and forward and there is nothing behind the front. And that goes for this body and mind as well, just more “frontage”. Let me see if I can explain this further.

I seem to have discovered or developed some kind of more focused “lense”. Or maybe it was always there and just needed cleaning. With this lense, you just look a bit more closely and the superficiality of things is revealed. This alternate view is really quite available and easily seen. And in actuality, it takes a real balancing act with awareness focused at the the right point in relation to the objective world and thought processes to keep the whole movie-front seeming real and interactive. It’s probably just the habit, (what ever that actually is), of this activity over so many years that keeps it going: attention focused just so, interpreting thought narrating the scene, lending meaning and importance, or no importance, to various people and things. And knowing all the while this whole process is a sham.   This shift in focus is a little like discovering you’ve been balancing on a fence your whole life, and you’re good at it, but now you’re wondering what the point is, and when you’ll just jump down and do something else.

All this is not really the strangest part of life now. Most of what I’m describing is still fairly familiar. What seems most strange is the growing sense of massive, benign forces and energies in motion “behind” everything. Not literally behind, but more like another adjoining dimension, or perhaps occupying the same space. These forces are a mystery, and I can only distantly and vaguely intuit what they might be, or their function…..


6 thoughts on “Life Is Just So …… Strange

  1. Robert says:

    Reading those words, I wonder whether I needed to first be a very partially sighted child and to then become blind at the age of 11 in order to realize the importance lent to appearances together with the insignificance of the superficiality. Being still a teenager, trying to see differently so to speak, I began to notice the way to look at the physical world was projected on the mental one. Of course, in the mental world, it’s far easier to fool, to deceive one’s self. Constantly, we see what isn’t here and don’t see what’s here. We do that the whole day long and, of course, we don’t see it, indeed we don’t believe it: “we are all blind”

    At least, the good news is the deceiver, the “blind one”, the believer doesn’t exist, and Dan Kelso is one of those who can adequately help/guide us to see the truth. Thank you so much, Dear Dan, for your good job!

  2. dkelso1 says:

    Thank you for your kind words my friend. And good pointer regarding thought. What about those “beliefs”? How do you see those in relation to “the mental world”? That is, how do you see beliefs in regards to thinking?

    • Robert says:

      I wrote: “Constantly, we see what isn’t here and don’t see what’s here. We do that the whole day long and, of course, we don’t see it, indeed we don’t
      believe it”. Here, I meant we may even not believe that we don’t see what’s here and that we see what’s not here.

      Let’s take the word “thought” for a generic term that can include for instance memories, judgments, ideas, noticed perceptions, and of course beliefs. There are possible beliefs in those examples but let’s say a belief can be a claimed unquestioned certainty (eg “this or that is impossible”) or a more unacknowledged, sometimes denied or simply unaware, “attitude”. Any belief isn’t usually regarded as such, the first being lived as reality (certainty) and the second being ignored and basically contradicted (eg: with their deep unaware belief “I’m disturbing” or “I’m hopeless, useless, idiot, each one will do all their best to show the contrary…).etc.”, Most of what we expect to live reveals many other possible beliefs.

      Well, what does this question bring about? Most thinking is due to unaware or unquestioned beliefs. So, I get a nice invitation to look at my overwhelming thinking! Of course, the main point is to look at what is thinking/believing…

  3. Ibn Alhaitham says:

    The entanglements in non-reality or problems begin when one tries to communicate internally with one’s mind and externally with others for the purpose of understanding, explanation, persuading and taking decisions. One then needs to concretize, or somehow believe in the ‘reality’ of what one is saying or at least pretend to do so in order to generate motivation for moving forward (note the trap; “Fake it ’til you make it” is a common catchphrase that means to imitate confidence so that as the confidence produces success, it will generate real confidence), but as time goes on one gets into the habit of doing and believing the same with all the accompanying feelings, emotions, conflicts and pains.

    How can one navigates life between the world of awareness-reality and that of thoughts and communication without being entangled or trapped by emotions and pain? Is it a matter of continually reminding oneself that one is just dealing with a temporary working model of ‘what is’ for practical purposes but acquire the habit of regularly dipping into awareness-reality in order not to be caught off guard and swept by the illusion of the model?

    What are your thoughts on this?

  4. dkelso1 says:

    I believe I understand what you are saying Ibn. The sense of being subject to it I don’t share. Are you navigating or actually just aware of something called “navigating” occurring? Can you show me the “you” that gets trapped, not theoretically but in direct experience? Rather than strategize about the complicated process of juggling models, why not find out if there is a “problem to manage” in the first place? What is this sense of a separate you? Is it what you truely are or something else? My experience is, there is no actual YOU there, yet existence continues. Just very differently from the way conventional thinking suggests. Seeing this, the laws of the universe, various emotional happenings, weather, cars driving by, etc., are seen to be unified with what you are. What then happens to what are thought to be “problems”?

  5. Robert says:

    Your post seems to be of great value but obviously my English level doesn’t enable me to get it correctly or completely. And for instance, what do you mean when you write: “One tries to communicate internally with one’s mind”.. Isn’t the “one trying to communicate” “the mind” itself? I would read you again with pleasure if you have the opportunity to rephrase what you wrote!

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