Life is Complete

Consider looking at the simplicity of what is going on in your present experience. Not what you think about it, but what your perceptions tell you is happening; what you see, hear, etc. Just this “now experience”. You might recognize that this actual experience is always complete as it is. This is not a lofty mystical vision, it’s self evident, right before you now. And in this recognition, it is seen that thought is only a secondary “color commentary” about what is. Seen clearly, we can be left with the simplicity and completeness of what life IS, just this experience. Perfect balance, requiring nothing, all at peace.


One thought on “Life is Complete

  1. Robert says:

    The first time I read that, I didn’t get the interest of considering the completeness of life, even thinking things may be too complete sometimes, and I now see clearly the completeness of life is what’s left when the mind has really become silent. Here, just now, to “see” something incomplete or even “too complete”, or often missing, I must first think a thought, believe in a thought. The conditioned thinking mind judges everything according to a specific mood. Thus, the mind can’t be trusted and when it is seen, life is perfect! The hitch we meet is we don’t see that we are thinking, basically (of course) when we THINK we are not. Isn’t it funny?

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