The simple truth

Simply stated, I don’t believe in a self any longer.
There is no I, no me. That’s it. There’s not much more to write about that.
However, nothing written is really that accurate.
Words are as alien to “what is” as a photograph of a dog is different from the living, breathing, jumping, joyful animal it represents.
But, if we use words lightly,
then the truth drifts through them.
It’s true that I don’t believe in, I don’t see anything substantial in,
I cannot find, a self.
There is simply no self here, or anywhere for that matter.
This is glaringly obvious.
And that, of course, goes for the “me” that writes this.
Dan absolutely and positively is not writing this,
because there is no actual entity called “Dan”.
What is termed “writing” is happening, but it is absurd to suggest a separate entity is doing it.
Really, it’s hardly worth mentioning.


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