Present Evidence

Real investigation and seeing of reality, inquiry and understanding, must be based on “present evidence”.   Present evidence means:  what is observed or perceived with little or no interpretation or re-presenting through concepts.     Awareness “delivers” present evidence all the time, but then concepts rush in and create overlays on that bare reality.     Reliance on present evidence for information about what is going on, what is in reality, opens the doors of experience beyond conventional ways of thinking to reveal bare reality.   Bare reality presents life in it’s true form, where anything is possible, and “no thing” is fixed or concrete .

And realize, if you rely on beliefs about life, then what you believe about reality is interpretation and assumption in the form of concepts:  projected thought which obscures what is.

In the movement toward bare experience through present evidence, be prepared to have your views shaken up and turned over to reveal the naked truth of existence.


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