The Ego Is Not A Problem

Look, the “ego” is not a problem.   It is not the devious, scheming entity presented in so many psychology books and spiritual teachings.    Why?   Because it does not exist.    Where is this ego, this mischievous entity?   When the sense of “you” is seen though as a mirage, and the sense of its’ substantiality dissolves, so also goes the sense of ego.   There are tendencies, conditioning, mechanisms in nature.   But these do not amount to a self or ego.

The trip down the road of the ego is just a fantasy trip.   And spinning stories about it are an immense waste of time.   Simply look to this present experience, “your” present experience, and see what actually exists.

There is no separate self.

There is no ego.

Neither ever existed.




4 thoughts on “The Ego Is Not A Problem

  1. Renaee says:

    Hi Dan, good simple reminder!

  2. Renaee says:

    Hello Dan – time to reconnect again my friend! An article that i have posted on my website probably is exactly what you are referring to here as representation of the ego in psychology books. I am wondering if you could read through it (it is really long) and give me your thoughts/understanding? It is called, Stupid Emotions Intelligent Feelings,
    best wishes, Renaee.

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