A Conversation Between Dream Characters

The dream character “Dan” manifesting the presence/awareness says, “I don’t feel any more like this body is mine (pointing at his leg) then that body is mine (pointing to “her” arm).   There is no sense of being in either one, only of them as objects in awareness.  (Words are awkward and inaccurate).”

“The truth of this is seen at any time.  And “proof” of identity, which used to suggest ‘me’ as a body, location and thoughts about me, are now recognized as just other appearances in awareness.  Not proof of what I am.  So they tend not to come up any more.”

The “Victoria” dream character says, “I don’t see that.  If that is true, why is it that you act the way you usually do, get angry, have preferences, etc.?  You’ve changed but you don’t seem that different.”

“Well, remember the dream you told me about this morning?  The cattle, your dad telling you to jump to avoid their hooves stepping on your feet.   And the cats with fuzzy sweaters?”

She smiles, then laughs, “yes”, begins to tell the dream character Emma (who has entered the room) about the dream.  Then stops to come back to the conversation.   “Imagine you’re in a dream and your talking to your father, and then you wake up in the dream, but the dream continues.  How would you feel about the dream character “Victoria”?   What would your character in the dream be doing?”   He pauses for her to consider it.   “Carrying on as usual, though perhaps influenced by the dreamer’s (your) perspective?”

“Ahh, I get it now”, she says, and smiles.


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