The Importance of Discrimination

Why is it important to recognize the difference between ideas and directly perceived appearances?   Firstly, to disconnect with the flow of interpretation and fantasy.   To “get real”, so to speak.   To realize the beginnings of waking up.   But the second part is just as important, and it is to be able to see, when the dream begins to disperse and amongst what is left in direct perception, that which is knowable, real, consistent and true.  What can be known with certainty?   Consciousness/existence is.  You as a person do not exist, but the light of awareness does.   The awareness that comes through “you” is actual, and the only real “thing” that can be known directly and with certainty.   You is not real, does not contain what you are, or represent what you are, but  consciousness noticing the reading of this does.   Take a look and see for yourself…..


One thought on “The Importance of Discrimination

  1. Robert says:

    I may understand that discrimination and know its importance, but believing I’m looking at an appearance, I long don’t see that I am not and that I am thinking (considering) the appearance. Looking at whatever is one thing, considering it is another one. First, do we really see that difference? I don’t know about English but in French, the word “consider” (considerer) has the two senses: “looking” and “thinking”. So, “Am I looking at this or that or am I thinking it?”

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