What Mind?

Some sources talk about “the mind” in regards to the creation of the sense of self, the appearances of subject and objects, and so on. From here it appears there is no mind anymore than there is anything else of substance other than Aware Presence or “Existing”. If this is all like a dream or hologram, both good models for describing experience, than there is no need for the idea of a “mind” to explain how things are created. They just occur like everything else does.  Arrising spontaneously out of experience.  And all appearances are on an equal level of significance.

In a dream, how is the sense of a separate “you” character in the dream created? It just arrises out of the dream fabric itself. The idea of a mind that has some special function within existence seems to be just a remnant idea coming from conventional thought around the illusion of a separate self, a body with a brain that sees and interprets the world. What appears to be the case is that everything is simply created out of the ground of experience.  The “aware what is”.  The exact mechanism of that creating process can be speculated about, but appears beyond knowing. And really, what does it matter?


One thought on “What Mind?

  1. Renaee says:

    I had quite a vivid dream last night that stuck with me in the morning. I was talking very intently to someone about something, the details of the conversation escape me now, but I do remember very vividly looking into his eyes, the ‘other’. I did not have a strong sense of ‘I’, there was just pure perceiving going on, much as happens here when you really intently and completely listen to someone else when they talk. There is just the listening. So yes, like in a video game, where you don’t have a you, a body that you see, but are the seeing behind the lens as the game unfolds around you.

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