Awakening And The Use Of Language

When seen in the light of “no self”, language, written and spoken, is highly biased toward (the illusion of) a separate self.    Personal referencing in common language is a constant presumption.   However, the atmosphere of no self can have a grounding-in-reality, reorganizing effect on language.   For example, words and concepts can be used lightly, or playfully, with the realization that they do not reflect the actuality of existence.  In the process of telling someone your story, and seeing there are no selves, no “I” and no “you”, how serious can things be for “me”?     It may then result that the story  just twindles to a stop.

Also, new words or phrases can be created to reflect reality more accurately.  All “people” seem equal in the truth of no self presence, so it might seem more accurate to refer to this character as “Dan” rather than I.  Or as “he”, or “the speaker”.   This change in the creating of language can get awkward.  But so what?   What’s wrong with awkwardness?

When considering all of existence as a dream, which is very close to the actuality of reality, and all appearances within it as “dream stuff” (ultimately insubstantial), including “you”, then wakefulness (awareness of no self) brought to the dream introduces a re-alligning factor to language expression.

Surrendered to the impact of truth, communication can be allowed to evolve toward a more true expression of no self awareness.    Don’t be afraid to allow language to become awkward, or on the other hand, to venture into conventional use.  And sometimes, silence may seem the best form of language.


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