Discrimination: Imagination and What Is

Critical to seeing the truth about what you are,

and what is going on here,

is to be able to discriminate between conceptual thought,

and what can be referred to as “perception”.

Concepts are ideas, imagination, fantasy creation in thought form.

The content of concepts is always about what is (though the substance of concepts is “What Is”).

Concepts are a presentation of a possibility.

Most live there life absorbed in this imaginative level,

believing it is actually happening,

believing it is “What Is”.

People, places, things, time, all seem real,

But they are just imagination.

Perception is just what awareness registers,

how things actually are observed to be.

Just what is in awareness.

To know what is really going on in life, you must rely on perception, direct evidence.

Just what you can verify first hand.

That base reality will inform concepts,

Aligning them with reality as better pointers.

To only weigh concepts against concepts,

wihout a perceptual measure,

is to remain in fantasy.

How much can you really learn from that?


4 thoughts on “Discrimination: Imagination and What Is

  1. Robert says:

    I have just reread that post as I was rather irritated about what is going on around me at this moment and about expected today’s events. What struck me one more time and made sense is of course: “Most live there life absorbed in this imaginative level, believing it is actually happening, believing it is “What Is”.”

    One I can learn: Come back to the reality, just see the reality. Stop thinking or simply don’t trust the passing thoughts; instead, smile at them, at least try this! Isn’t it funny to reiterate the same old ritual, the same pattern/script? Obviously, there is no “me” and how could I (we) deliberately play the same suffering game on and on? And what is functioning this way? Just look again, look quietly!

  2. Lori Murray says:

    What is functioning this way? What reiterates the same old ritual of addiction and suffering? There is a clear sense of aware presence, aware of habitual patterns of behavior engaged in, (by what?) to seemingly distract attention from what is. Attention then is seen attending to this habitual pattern.. So that is, ” what is”.
    Ugh, confusion and great desire to see through addictive pattern. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

    • dkelso1 says:

      Sure, let’s go into this. Based on these comments it sounds like there is a process of interpreting going on. That would be a form of “imagination” (assumption of habits, addiction, etc.), but also a sense of identity (you’re suffering this conditioning). One of the best ways to address this is to go right to the root, drilling attention into who/what is having the experience. The very “tension” of suffering is the substance of the false self. But is that what you actually ARE?

      • Lori says:

        Thank you. The misidentification and belief in current thoughts seem to blind Me. Holding on to a victim story seems preferable to telling myself the truth. Oh well.

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