God Is In Your Living Room

Close your eyes, and see…..

there is Awareness now!
Presence is ALIVE, here, now!
no need to look further,
there is nothing else to find!

It is NOT “your sense of presence”,
“You” is insubstantial, inconsequential,
a loose association of appearances.
Forget about “you”.
That story, that “history” of you, is a dream story
drifting through,
What Is.
What matters,
is Living Awake Presence!

“You” possess (es) nothing,
Alive Presence,
this ordinary wakefulness is
aware – ness,
conscious – ness,
just this most obvious aspect
of what is going on,
the only light in the room,
the Living center point, foundation, and substance,
is what “you” points to.
That’s All!
That’s It!
The only game in town!

No one ever “closed their eyes”,
that is just a trick,
so remembering can take place.

Do you see?

God is in your living room, but you are not.

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