no you, just this presence

In truth, there is no you, no I, no me as an entity.   These are ideas, imaginations, simple mechanisms in nature.  What there is, is just This, this Event, Life.  An energetic happening.  A radiant, alive, awake, dynamic field with the appearance of trees, sky, buildings, dogs, and also all the elements that appear to be a “you” like the body, thought, feeling, sensation, etc. Simply noticing this fact in direct experience (not thinking about it, but looking directly at the evidence) reveals that everything called “me” is only observed like any other objects appearing in awareness. And when observing turns to what is observing, no thing is found. It may seem like you are reading this, but what is actually going on is quite different.  Take a look…….

Does this mean that “you” do not exist? Well, yes and no. There is a mind-body thing arising, but no “me” riding in it, no physical “entity”, just  physical objects, mind objects, many forms of appearance.   And something else. That “something else” is a sense of presence, an obvious sense of being present, here and now, “your” ordinary presence……

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